We’ve all received an invitation at some point in our lives, whether it be for a birthday party, baby shower, or various other important events – but none of them carry the same pressure as a wedding invitation. And surprisingly, many couples overlook its importance. 

Wedding invites, when properly designed with thought and care (AHEM!) can remain in guests’ possession for years – think less trash can and more coffee table decor. With this being said, here are a few reasons why your invitation shouldn’t be neglected in the all of the madness that is wedding planning. 


Set the Tone

Ask yourself this – have you ever opened a wedding invitation and immediately envisioned the big day? If you answered yes, kudos to the Bride and Groom for getting it right! This is called setting the tone – priming your guests for what’s to come on the big day. Alex + Elin loves creating unique designs that accurately reflect a couple’s union.



Create Excitement

Similar to setting the tone, your invitation should create excitement and anticipation for guests. Working with the right designer can unlock many creative ideas, regardless of your budget.  Alex + Elin Creative puts you at the helm of your design and we’re available to provide advice as needed. 


Provide Necessities

Though important (and somewhat obvious), the goal of your invitation is to provide basic information like who, what, when, where, and how. 

  • When

Again, though obvious, always use your invitation to advise guests on their expected arrival time. For the ceremony, the rule of thumb is usually one half-hour before your bridal party will commence their walk down the aisle to ensure everyone is seated prior to the bride’s entrance.

And don’t forget about the reception! Although there are many ways to share this information, an RSVP card is typically the easiest. It is also becoming increasingly common for the ceremony guest list to differ from the reception list. Our advice is to remove reception information from the invitation and include a separate “Details” card only for guests who are invited to the reception. 

  • Where

When listing the venue, we recommend including full address and city information. If a large percentage of your guests are unfamiliar with the area, it’s worth including a “Map” or “Directions” card with the invitation suite for improved navigation.

  • Dress Code

Cocktail, business casual, or formal attire? Guests will definitely want to know! This is something that many couples don’t usually feel the need to address, but if you have any special requests, we suggest adding it to a “Details” card.

  • Accommodation

It’s common practice for the Bride and Groom to block rooms at a hotel in close proximity to a wedding or reception venue for traveling guests. Be sure to include an “Accommodations” card so that they can make plans well in advance.

Whenever you’re ready to design the perfect invitation, Alex + Elin Creative is here to help! Feel free to email us directly inspire@alexelincreative.com or jump right in by filling out our Wedding Questionnaire!